I. M. Jenkins

This poem was cited by a later editor of Mackey's Encyclopedia as an outstanding example of Masonic Poetry.

What Came We Here To Do?

Foot to foot, no matter where,
Though far beyond my destined road
If Brother needs a Brother's care,
On foot I'll go and share his load.

Knee to knee, no selfish prayer
Shall ever from my lips ascend
For all who act upon the square,
At least, henceforth, my knee shall bend.

Breast to breast, and this I swear,
A Brother's secrets here shall sleep
If told to me upon the square,
Save those I am not bound to keep.

Hand to back, oh type of love!
Fit emblem to adorn the skies,
Be this our task below, above
To help poor falling mortals rise.

Cheek to cheek, or mouth to ear,
"We all like sheep have gone astray,"
May we good counsel give and bear
'Til each shall find the better way.

Brotherhood, January, 1920.

J.M. Jenkins (c.1920)

More information is needed!

No information about this poet has been found. The poem has been reprinted several times, sometimes with the author listed as I.M. Jenkins, sometimes as J.M. Jenkins. Genealogy searches turned up several J.M. Jenkins, but none that could be identified with the author of this poem; but no I.M. Jenkins at all, so the alliterative J.M. initals at least seem most likely. The poems was reportedly printed in the magazine "Brotherhood" in 1920, Searching the Internet turned up many references to "50s Brotherhood Magazine," an Australian biker's publication; numerous Jewish and Muslim magazines named "Brotherhood," and the only one approaching any connection with Masonry, a Theosophical magazine named "Universal Brotherhood," which seems to have ceased publication in 1903.